30 November 2014


“There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.”

Leonard Cohen


Hair: enVOGUE – Chloe (new release)

Headpiece: Zenith - gypsy divine wreath (exclusive for The Secret Affair)

Forhead tattoo/mesh bindi: DATUM – Tattoo&Bindi (gift on marketplace)

Back tattoo: HelloMyDeer – Bryn tattoo also with wowmeh applier (group gift)

Pose: BehaviorBody – back poses set ( no longer available)


I love new enVOGUE hair. There is a very good hairbase inside the pack and you can use it also with other hairstyles…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


28 November 2014

Two styles

For the first review about Snowpaws, I thought to emphasize only the two new releases.

Remember to click image to see it in better quality.


Total black outfit:

Dress: Snowpaws – Sling black silk dress ( new release)

Jacket: Snowpaws – Lace jacket (from Sling polka dot mesh dress; new release)

Shoes: Hilly Haalan – Rachel black lace boots (group gift)

Necklace: Ariskea – Collar (group gift)

Hair: Little Bones – Feline (group gift; 100L fee)

Pose: Sitting Pretty – Victoria 2


Red and black outfit:

Pants: Snowpaws – Capri black pants (from Fur trim gabardine jacket & capri pants black wool; new release)

Jacket: Snowpaws – Fur trim gabardine jacket red suede (new release)

Shoes: Hilly Haalan – Grace red heels (gift for SL frees & offers group)

Hair: Rowne – Agathe ( gift in group notice; 350L fee)

Pose: Sitting Pretty – Ultramarin


In Snowpaws store you can find all the new releases and many gifts, lucky letter and MM…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


24 November 2014

Not just a pose

Click images to see them in high resolution.


Pose: Black Tulip – Why did you leave me #5 ( exclusive for Pose Me Amazing)

Hair: Clawtooth - Poseidon's Gal ( available in store)

Avatar: COCO – Doll


Catch me if you can

Her pose: Sitting Pretty – Transformation; destroy (exclusive for Pose Me Amazing)

His pose: F*cking Ninjas – Death’s word is final pose (set and match #5 in store)

Avatars: COCO – Dolls

Her hair: Little Bones – Transmute ( group gift; group fee 100L)

Lion: THAT – Mesh lion and lioness ( free in marketplace)

Ruins: Botanical – Forest ruins tower


When a pose becomes the expression of something more…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


22 November 2014

Can I come in?

“Reality can't stand being looked in the eye. That's why the mind can't cope with it”

  from Nirvana (1997) G. Salvatores

Can I come in

Top/skirt/boots: R2 fashion – kagetsu (available at Collabor88)

Jacket: R2 fashion – shu jacket (now in store)

Hair: ARGRACE – Natsume

Pose: Diesel Works – D3F (past store gift)


At the Diesel Works mainstore you can find new GIFT: 5 single poses and one couple pose…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


19 November 2014

18 November 2014


"I love only the roses I did never pick. I love only the things that could be but that never has been..."

G. Gozzano


Dress/hat: Hilly Haalan- Jade formal dress ( Group gift )

Hair: LoQ'ue – Tarasun ( exclusive for TDR no longer available for now)

Pose: EverGlow – Comfy 08 ( exclusive for The Liaison Collaborative )


Dress includes also long or short cape (black or red). The Liaison Collaborative is open until December 10…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


15 November 2014



"If you are alone you belong entirely to yourself"

Leonardo da VinciAlone

Lingerie: Hilly Haalan – Luna camisole (group gift)

Stocking: aDiva! - Stockings black lace applier for slink physique

Hair: enVOGUE – Hair Inna (gift for SL frees & offers group)

Necklace: Zaara -Banjara silver choker  (exclusive for Collabor88)

Eyes: IKON- Hope eyes

Lounger: floorplan -  lazy lounger  (exclusive for Collabor88)

Books: floorplan – leaning book stack (past gift for TSS)

Standing pose: Sitting Pretty – Victoria 1


In Hilly Haalan store you can find many nice gifts, also a new pair of shoes.

Many thanks to Ana Stone, I love Sitting Pretty poses Cuore rosso…  and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


14 November 2014

SL Bare face Challenge

Challenge was started by Genkai Tesla.
Take a photo without make-up, lashes, tattoo, enhancements and no photoshop!
Nothing just your face!
Skin: The Shops
Hair:  elua – Vickie
Eyes: IKON
Pose: Sitting Pretty – Scared (exclusive for Pose me Amazing)

I challenge you to do the SL Bare Face Challenge… and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist![tazza%2520nuova%255B7%255D.png]

10 November 2014


“Crossing the world in conscious lightness”

G. Soriano


Dress: Lolita – Cocktail dress (group gift)

Shoes: CO FIFTY-SEVEN – Khloe pump 2.0

Gloves: GIZZA – mesh gloves from Macha outfit

Hair: enVOGUE – Hair Jessica (new release)

Necklace: # 187 # – Roses necklace (group gift)

Bracelet: Pure Poison – Danielle cuffs (group gift; now mainstore is under construction)

Bag: SL Inventory/Librery – Shopping bag (free in deafult firestorm inventory)

Pose to the right: DIVA Store – Poses gift (store gift)

Pose to the left: Sitting Pretty – - May (November group gift)

Special thanks to Mistero Hifeng, the author of the picture behind me. You can find his creation in Digital Art- Cammino e vivo capovolto, a very impressive land.

Blog has almost reached 30,000 visits, I thank all those who follow me and I decided to change the blog look so let me know if you like or if you have any suggestions. A difference that you will notice relates to the store links. Now, you can find link to the store at the beginning of the credit. Links will be inside generic words like hair, dress, shoes etc.. This will facilitate the use of the search bar in this blog ^_*…and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist![tazza%2520nuova%255B7%255D.png]

07 November 2014

Losing petals

"...and I show you the thorns, so you don't see the falling petals..."


Losing petals

Click image to see it larger.

Lingerie/corset: erratic- Giselle lingerie; Alexis corset (available at uber)

Stockings: aDiva!- Stockings black lace applier for slink physique

Hair: Little Bones- Brittle (available at uber)

Gloves: TAOX- Fingerless lace gloves (applier for slink hand)

Hat/mask: Diram- Scarlet mask

Collar: FashionNatic- Dassia Flower collar

Shoes: CO FIFTY-SEVEN- Khloe pump 2.0

Pose: Glitterati- Just you (only in marketplace)


Lingerie fit perfectly with slink physique mesh body. Uber will remain open until November 21. There are many interesting things so go and visit it… and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist![tazza%2520nuova%255B7%255D.png]

02 November 2014

Dance to escape

Don't be one of those turning ballerinas in somebody else's music box

pearl ballet1

Click image to see it larger.

Doll: COCO- Doll body

Dress: COCO- Slip dress (group gift)

Leg  COCO- Corset piercing legs

Key: Genie Wishes- Turn n’ Talk Doll Key (free in marketplace)

Carillon: MishMish- Nostalgia jewelry box (I have mod it making it bigger and removing its ballerina)

Pose: made by me

ballet doll_0171

Click image to see it larger.

Doll head: COCO- Doll head Lena (group gift)

Hair: Little bones- Heartthrob (exclusive for The Body Modification Expo still available for few days)

Hat: PELLE- Cilinder hat with rose (group gift)

Necklace: S*MESH- HeartKey necklace (50L in marketplace)

Pose: Sitting Pretty- Mimy 3


I adapted the music box to take my photo, the original version is much smaller and has a lovely turning dancer. The Body Modification Expo is still available even if it had to close October 31. So hurry up…and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist![tazza%2520nuova%255B7%255D.png]