18 December 2014

It’s time to move on

“Every woman that finally figured out her worth,
has picked up her suitcases of pride and boarded a flight to freedom,
which landed in the valley of change.”
Shannon L. Alder
Dress/Hat: Snowpaws – Tangier bow dress (no longer available; coming soon in store)
Hair: Little Bones – Horrorshow (group gift)
Shoes: Mimi’s Boutique – Sky heels (gift)
Bracelets: LIZIAAH – Boutique free gift (store gift)
Pose: EverGlow – Frost 10 (exclusive for Winter Trend Fair until December 19th)

Dress was a Tuesday with Snowpaws item (50 Linden), now in store you can find the new dress at 50 linden and you can see vendor image below.

Hurry up to visit Winter Trend Fair, it will be open untile December 19th…
and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!

16 December 2014

Black swan

“Everyone has a black swan inside,
we must take care of it …
keep it close to us or let it fly away”
Black swan
Doll body: COCO – Doll Body
Doll head: COCO – Emma (group gift)
Doll legs: COCO - Doll_CorsetPiercingLegs
Wings: Tentacio – Angel Harness
Pose: BehaviorBody – Back poses set
Black swan 2
Hair: Eaters Coma – Gift 03/noir (store gift)
Pose: Black Tulip – Snow dancer #2  (exclusive for The Liaison Collaborative)

Black Tulip Snow dancer poses set is fantastic with ballet shoes…
and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!

15 December 2014

Tribute to Roberta

A personal tribute to a commercial poster that inflamed the minds of my contemporaries, many time ago A bocca aperta

This is also an opportunity to participate in the blogger contest of Catwa.

roberta catwa

Hair: Catwa – Flexy Lala (new release)

Pose: made by me

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


12 December 2014

No fear

“Have no fear of perfection,

you’ll never reach it”

Salvador Dalì

drawing goth3

Complete outfit: Envious – No Fear (it includes: skirt, top, collar, bracelets, shoes; new release)

Hair: Little Bones – Lovestruck (group gift)

Pose: PosESioN – Statue #3 from statue set  (now in store with group discount 10%)


Envious has many gifts and lucky chiars in store, so visit it…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


09 December 2014

True colors

“Try to be a rainbow

in someone’s cloud”

Maya Angelou

True colors

Dress: even.flow - Wendy Dress 'rainbow (group gift)

Sunglasses: Addams – Cat glasses (group gift)

Shoes: COCO – Platform sneakers (group gift)

Hair: KoKoLoReS – Ivy gift (subscriber gift)

Pose/clutch: Sitting Pretty – Dia clutch ( available at Pose Me Amazing from 10 December)


Thank very much Ana ( Sitting Pretty owner) for calling a pack of poses with my name Cuore rosso Love it!

Every pack of one clutch contains: 5 single poses, 5 version of the clutch with poses inside, and a version with no pose…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


06 December 2014

The right light

“Just give me the spotlight
and I’m gonna seize it.
Zach Stones Is Gonna Be Famous
Dress: B!ASTA – Stellar evenings (gift available at The Frozzen Fair)
Shoes: JUST DREAM – Furie blue & blu thigh high boots
Necklace: Pure Poison - Winteria Necklace (group gift)
Hair: enVOGUE – Inna (new release)
Pose: made by me

Makeup is from The Shops! At The Frozzen Fair you can find many gifts so hurry up…
and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!

04 December 2014

Under the mistletoe

“Meet me under the mistletoe, kiss me under the mistletoe”
Under the mistletoe
Dress/hat: Snowpaws – Noel mesh dress ( Avichoice Holidays Naughty hunt prize)
Shoes: Brii Underground Wear – from Ciplacti complete outfit (group gift)
Hair: TRUTH – Swift
Necklace: Pure Poison – Aileen necklace (group gift)
Sweater: Brii Underground Wear - Men Christmas Sweater (store gift/1 linden)
Hat: Snowpaws – Santa’s helper hat (Penny Wishes Hunt prize)

Snowman with signboard: RnB – Christmas snowman (gift for SL frees & offers group)
Pose: Sitting Pretty – Under my mistletoe-surprised (exclusive for Christmas Market)

I remind you that in TRUTH store all hair 50% off until 15 dicember…
and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!