14 September 2015

Nothing like…

Ain’t nothing like wearing a new pair of heels and some fresh lipstick

Nothing like...

Dress: Zenith – Double knot dress (exclusive at FaMESHed)

Skin/makeup: Ooh-la-licious Skin – Candy girl; vanilla (exclusive for The 24 2015 event until 19)

Hair: Elua – Arissa

Earrings: Mon Chery – Feather earrings (exclusive gift at Vintage & Cool Fair, no longer available)

Shoes/stocking: Reign – Dolly plats (exclusive at FaMESHed)

Necklace: Glam Affair – Cinderella necklace (exclusive at FaMESHed)

Chair: Pixicat – Bastet chair Rare (exclusive rare gacha for The Arcade)

Dono con fiocco Plant vase: cinphull – Lavande (exclusive gift available at Cosmopolitan) Dono con fiocco

Box/makeup bag/brushes/brasserie/books: Tres Blah – Eclectic Collection (exclusives gachas for The Arcade)

Cat: Pixicat – Bastet Sphynx; sprawl (exclusive gacha for The Arcade)

Pose: oOoStudio Poses – Adelaide # one


Unfortunatelyy earrings gift aren’t longer available but in Mon Chery store you can find many gifts all free …look at Occhiolino


…and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


08 September 2015

The purpose

“As far as we can discern,
the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being”
Carl Gustav Jung
The purpose
Outfit: Zibska – Propel Deux (new release)
Dono con fiocco Hair: EMO-tions – Aidan brown (group gift) Dono con fiocco
Pose: Del May – Interior design
 Land: Cammino e Vivo Capovolto

Outfit includes bodysuit, hat, accessories for wrist and skirt attachments
Feel free to visit this beautiful land: Cammino e Vivo Capovolto …
and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!

03 September 2015


“Might as well jump. Jump!

Go ahead, jump.

Get it and jump. Jump!”

Van Halen


Dono con fiocco Shorts/Top: Milk Tea – Tuxedo type (group gift) Dono con fiocco

Skates: Astralia – wheels skates (exclusive gacha for Vintage & Cool Fair 2015)

Skin/Makeup: PXL – Aurora (exclusive for Festival of Sin II; until 4 september)

Piercing: KC Couture – Janine Navel

Hair (also drawned): Exile – Memory bliss (exclusive for Collabor88)

Pose/PonPon: EverGlow – Cheerleader #9 (exclusive pose for Vintage & Cool Fair 2015)


Hurry up to visit Festival of Sin II, it will close tomorrow 4 september !!!…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


29 August 2015

More than…

I’m so much more than a reflection…


Dress: Le Forme – Von Teese Black dress (exclusive for Vintage & Cool Fair 2015)

Shoes: KC Couture – Taylor platforms (new release)

Dono con fiocco Necklace: JodiLyn Jewell – Slither jewelry set (freebie in marketplace) Dono con fiocco

Hair: Beusy – Last night (exclusive for Tres Chic)

Nail/Rings: |CX| – Hayop black (exclusive for Kustom9)

Bracelets: RealEvil Industries – Eclat set

Pouf/Pose: oOo Studio Poses – Pouffe small


Shoes have a complete HUD to change colors of every part, love them Cuore rosso

Necklace gift is freebie on marketplace and you can modify color in edit mode Dono con fiocco

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


20 August 2015


“ I don’t want to be a passenger sitting on the bench…”


Lingerie: erratic – Delice lingerie (exclusive for Collabor88)

Shoes: KC Couture – Andria heels

Dono con fiocco Hair (also drawned): Zalea Hair – Fiona (store gift) Dono con fiocco

Bench: PILOT – Flyaway bench (exclusive for Collabor88)

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – The Revolution

Zalea Hair opened and for the grand opening give beautiful long hair with bangs. Truly nice gift Occhiolino

Kc Couture shoes are a fatpack with 40 colors. There are two styles and all is modify with a simple HUD. Love these heels Cuore rosso

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


16 August 2015

Whisper a wish to a butterfly

“ Whisper a wish to a butterfly

and it will fly up to the heaven

and make it come true”


Whisper a wish to a butterfly

Dress: Moon Amore – Papillon dreams dress (exclusive for Collabor88)

Boots: KC Couture – Olympus boots (new release)

Dono con fiocco Hair(also drawned): Entwined – Ivy (group gift) Dono con fiocco

Mesh head/Makeup: Genesis Lab. – Head Emily blinker rare + Masha skin hud + Lipgloss party shine (exclusive gacha for Kustom9)

Dono con fiocco Balloon: Moon Amore – Papillon balloons (gift for Collabor88 Bday) Dono con fiocco

Winged cats: Half-Deer – Winged cat ; in flight + sleeping (exclusive gacha for Kustom9)

Cloud/Pose: Kirin Poses – My sweet cloud poses and prop (exclusive for Kustom9)


Boots have a complete HUD to change colors of all parts. Love them Cuore rosso

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!


10 August 2015

True Queen

“A true queen doesn’t need a king”


True Queen

Dono con fiocco Swimsuit: Countdown La Mode – Summer black swimsuit (group gift) Dono con fiocco

Headpiece: Zenith – Gypsy tiara (exclusive for We <3 Role-play)

Dono con fiocco Mesh head/Make up: Genesis Lab – Head Sunny (group gift; 250 linden fee to join group) Dono con fiocco

Shoes: Glamistry – Parrasana  (new release in mainstore)

Dono con fiocco Hair(also drawned): Lelutka – Duchess strands (group gift) Dono con fiocco


Amazing shoes with very special heels, love them Cuore rosso

Swimsuit has many appliers for mesh bodies. There is also layer for default body…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!