28 September 2014

A day in Milan

“Milan is a huge conglomerate of hermits”.
Eugenio Montale A day in Milan                                                                                 Click photo to see it larger.
T-shirt: MoiMoi- Trendy female t-shirt (gift for SL frees & offers group)
Bag: MoiMoi- Elegant bag black (group gift)
Hair/hat: LittleBones- Hurt (group gift)
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo- Bohemian (exclusive for The Thrift Shop)
Eyeliner: Les Petits Details- Eyeliner (group gift)
Ring/bracelets: from Rockie babe outfit (gift for SL frees & offers group)
Boots: GOS- Triumph boots
Pose on the left: Frakture Pose- Radiant male (new release)
Pose on the right: Hankii Pankii- In my jeans pose set (past gift for SL frees & offers group; no longer available)

This is what happens when I try to make serious things (Video)… and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist![tazza%2520nuova%255B7%255D.png]


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