03 May 2015


“Dreams are like balloons in a world of pins”

Jim Morrison


Top: 3Designs QuIKy & FoX BoUtIQuE – Elegant top black glitter

Skirt: Goth1c0 – Weirdo skirt; eyes (exclusive for The Dark Style Fair)

Hair: Little Bones – Pearl (gift for FaMESHed 3rd Anniversary)

Skin/shape: Envious – Scarlet (new release)

Collar: Goth1c0 – Pure love leather collar (exclusive for The Dark Style Fair)

Bracelets: Etham – Leather cuff bracelet (gift for FaMESHed 3rd Anniversary)

Boots: Goth1c0 – Little Cementery Boots (exclusive for The Dark Style Fair)

Wristlet: REIGN – Rose wristlet (gift for FaMESHed 3rd Anniversary)

Potted flowers: The Heart Garden Centre – Potted daisies (gift for FaMESHed 3rd Anniversary)

Floatie chair/pose: Blueberry – Floatie (gift for FaMESHed 3rd Anniversary)


Boots have a complete HUD to change textures!

Skin has appliers for TMP, Omega and slink. I wear also one of the two shape in the pack. It’s mod. so I made a few small changes.

I love the top that has a glittered texture. This store has many glitter items so visit it if you like this texture…

and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!



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