25 October 2014

Dream big

“While armchair travelers dream of going places,

traveling armchairs dream of staying put”

A. Tyler

Dream big

                                                                                   Click photo to see it larger.

Sweater: NS- mesh phone sweater (exclusive for Fashion's Story Fair)

Jeans: COCO- Skinny jeans (group gift)

Shoes: Razor- Dethburn kicks (gift for el-o-quence)

Hair: Pelle- Angy hair (group gift)

Sunglasses: NS- retro sunglasses (exclusive for Fashion's Story Fair)

Bag: Missnoise- Tote bag MESH Black cassette tape (store gift)

Earrings: Le primitif- Heartbreak Earrings ( gift available at The Seasons Story)

Armchair: bauwerk- Pop Art Leather Chair (gift for el-o-quence)

Curtain: Kalopsia- Pictur curtain (gift for el-o-quence)


Good dreams to everyone…and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist![tazza%2520nuova%255B7%255D.png]


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