19 October 2014

Skate on

“We live amid surfaces and the true art is to skate well on them”

R. W. Emerson

Skate on

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Top: alterego- I love tiny tank (gift available for el-o-quence)

Pant: M.Second- Retro fashion pants (exclusive for Fashion's Story Fair)

Hair: TRUTH- Jinx (past store gift now not free in store)

Poses/skateboard: EverGlow- Skateboard prop (exclusive for Vintage&Cool Fair until 24/10)

Furnitures: Serenity Style- Vintage record&chest; retro decor gachas (exclusives for Fashion's Story Fair)


The Fashion's Story Fair was born in September of 2013, an event created by Uklea MadDoll. This is an annual fair, designed to recreate a real journey into the world of fashion, a blast from the past, that slowly brings us back to our days!This year there will be many news:

* The street market: where all items  will be sold to priced discount from 30L to 60L.

* The Gacha's Area.

* The Secret Dressing Room HUNT

It opens today until October 29th…and remember, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist![tazza%2520nuova%255B7%255D.png]


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